Language and Computation Day

A good way to learn about the activities of the group is to attend the annual Language and Computation Day, in which we all present the research done in the past year. This year's Language and Computation Day (2011), takes place on 7th October 2011. Last year's event took place on Friday, 8th October 2010.

The Flatlands meetings

Once a year we meet with the members of he other Computational Linguistics groups of the area - Cambridge, the Open University, and Oxford - for what has become known as the Flatlands meetings. These are workshops where our PhD students can present their work. This year's event was held at the University of Essex.

The Language and Computation Reading Seminar

The Language and Computation Reading Seminar meets weekly from October each year, breaking in for the summer holidays following the University of Essex's timetable.

Information about upcoming meetings is posted on this wiki and circulated via the LACWORKSHOP mailing list, that also reaches all members of the group.

If you are a University of Essex student or member of staff, you can subscribe via the university's mailing lists page.

Past Seminars

We went through part of Koller's book on Probabilistic graphical Models and Bayesian Methods
R workshop
We went through various papers in ACL 2008, and members presented details of their current research.
We went through Nugues' book on NLP using Prolog and Perl.
Empirical Methods in NLP.
Language and Computation Seminar: Underspecification and Incrementality in Semantic Processing.
The Acquisition of Lexical and Ontological Knowledge.

Language and Computation Speakers in Computer Science and Linguistics

The seminar series in both Computing Science & Electronic Engineering and Language & Linguistics include a number of seminars of interest for L&C types.

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