Lac Meetings 2014/15

This page is used to maintain information about our regular meetings, with links to relevant papers and other resources.

Autumn Term 2014

Friday, 5th December:

Profile-Based Summarisation for Web Site Navigation
Time: 2-4pm
Room: Colloquium Room

We presented in detail the work we conducted which has been accepted in one of the leading journal in the area of information retrieval (ACM TOIS). We also provided some information about the different types of statistical tests. In particular, the tests we have applied to our data.

Friday, 21st November:

Time: 2-3pm
Room: Colloquium Room

Significant test, what makes NLP different from other fields and what problems NLP faces. Will be good to have a look at S√łgaard et al. 2014 paper: What is in a p-value in NLP? (CoNLL).
By: Ans Alghamdi

Friday, 7th November:

Time: 2-3pm
Room: Colloquium Room

Everyone is invited to talk about what he's up to, plus we will plan some talks for the next couple of meetings.

Spring term 2014

This term we looked at big data computation with Hadoop and other tools.

Language and Computation Day

Monday, 6th of October 2014, all day — Teaching Centre TC1.11
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