Language and Computation Day 2019


  • 10:00 Jon Chamberlain Welcome to the day and Introduction to the Natural Language and Information Processing (NLIP) Group

Session 1: Image & Multimodal Information Processing (Chair: Alba Garcia Seco de Herrera)

  • 10:15 Alba Garcia Seco de Herrera Intro to the session
  • 10:20 Ekin Yagis Deep learning for neurodegenerative disease detection
  • 10:40 Roberto Leyva NLP Features for Video Memorability Prediction
  • 11:00 Hector Palop and Jon Chamberlain Aerial image retrieval and classification to detect construction materials
  • 11:20 [Break]
  • 11:40 Jessica Wright and Alba Garcia Seco de Herrera ImageCLEFcoral 2019 and beyond
  • 12:00 Chris Madge Text processing with mindless clicking? The curious case of Wordclicker

Plenary Talk

  • 12:20 Jerry Shen Intelligent multimodal recommendation
  • 13:00 [Lunch]

Research Group Coordination

  • 14:00 NLIP 2019/20 group meetings: What to cover in this year's meetings and coordinating group activities

Session 2: Natural Language Processing and Text analytics (Chair: Kakia Chatsiou)

  • 14:15 Kakia Chatsiou Intro to the session
  • 14:20 Tony Russell-Rose The language of search
  • 14:40 Deirdre Lungley Challenges for the Social Science Search Interface – Discoverability and Linkability
  • 15:00 Chris Fox The Philosophy of Language
  • 15:20 [Break, featuring PhD cake bakeoff]
  • 15:40 Ansgar Scherp What If We Encoded Words as Matrices and Not as Vectors? The case of a Hybrid CBOW-CMOW-Model
  • 16:00 Ayman Alhelbawy Deep Learning for Humanitarian Sphere
  • 16:20 Kakia Chatsiou Deep Learning Methods for Political Science
  • 16:40 Ansgar Scherp Closing

  • As usual, we plan to have a quick drink on campus afterwards, dinner in the Black Buoy (table booked for 18.45, please let Jon know if you wish to join us) and then more drinks later in Wivenhoe.

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