Meetings 2008/2009

Information about the 2009/2010 Meetings is available here: Meetings 2009/2010

This is a wiki for the Language and Computation Group at the University of Essex. This page is used to maintain information about our regular meetings, with links to relevant papers and other resources.

If you have any questions about the Language and Computation Group; its meetings; joining our mailing list; editing pages on this wiki; or undertaking a PhD or similar in the area of language and computation — including Computational Linguistics (CL), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Information Retrieval (IR) and Formal Semantics — then do feel free to contact us.

Summer Term meetings will normally be scheduled 9am to 11am on Friday in 5B.111A.
(Please note this is not the CSEE Seminar Room.)

Use the suggestions page to propose topics or changes in the timing of LAC meetings in the Spring Term 2009, or email Chris (foxcj).

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Topics for Summer Term 2009


  1. 1st May: The Good Samaritan (Chris)
  2. 8th May: Autoadapt project (Stephen)
  3. 15th May: (no meeting)
  4. 22nd May: Conference reports and programmes (Deirdre, Kakia, and all?)
  5. 29th May: Adaptive Domain Models (Deirdre)

To be scheduled

  • Web usage mining (Sharhida)
  • Anawiki Presentation (Jon)

Spring Term 2009

For the Spring Term, 2009, we covered a number of topics mostly relating to the current research of LAC members.

  1. Plagiarims Detection (Zdeněk)
  2. NLTK — toolkit presentation (Doug)
  3. Log analysis of UKsearch (Richard)
  4. Document Summarisation (Mahmoud)
  5. Deontic Wiki (Chris)
  6. UIMA — toolkit presentation (Dyaa)
  7. More ACL08 papers

Autumn Term 2008

For the Autumn Term, 2008, meetings were normally on Friday at 1-3pm in the CSEE/CS Seminar Room, unless otherwise indicated. Meetings in Week Four, Five and Seven moved to Thursday, 10am-12 noon (10.30 start for Week Seven).

ACL 2008

For much of the Autumn Term we worked through a selection of ACL 2008 papers. Here is a list indicating which papers people are willing to present. Crossed out entries have been done. Bold entries are the ones we are currently reading. Feel free to indicate which of the above papers you would be interested in presenting in the future (edit the wiki, or email Chris).

Name Paper(s)
Kakia P08-1002, P08-2008
Jon P08-2012, P08-1002 looks interesting too
Chris P08-1069, P08-1026
Deirdre P08-1018, P08-1017
Richard P08-1051

Autumn Term 2008

Spring Term 2009

Summer Term 2009

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