Suggestions for topics and times


Add your suggestions below for topics for Spring Term 2009 (or end of Autumn Term 2008). These can include papers or books you would like discussed or reviewed, grant proposals, trial conference presentations, etc.


  1. Plagiarims Detection (Zdeněk)
  2. The Good Samaritan (Chris)
  3. NLTK — toolkit presentation (Doug)

To be scheduled

  • UIMA — toolkit presentation (Dyaa)
  • Adaptive Domain Models (Deirdre)
  • Web usage mining (Sharhida)
  • Autoadapt project (Stephen)
  • Log analysis of UKsearch (Richard)
  • More ACL08 papers

Other possibilities

  • Discussion of the “Deontic Wiki” project (Chris)
  • Other presentation of current research into deontic reasoning (concerned with the interpretation of obligations and permissions) e.g. “A Logic of Transgressions” (Chris)
  • Discussion and Feedback on grant proposal (towards the end of the term) (Kakia)


This section is now probably redundant till Summer Term

Indicate when you would prefer LAC meetings to be held in Spring Term 2009 (days, and times if known) by putting your initials at the appropriate points in the table (crossed out to indicate if you are not available), or by adding a text comment.

Time\Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
11 CF
12 CF CF
13 CF CF
14 CF
16 (CF)
17 CF
18 CF
Not the following (included in the table):
  • Tuesday 12-14, Friday 13-15 for most of the term;
  • Wednesday 11-13 and Tuesday 16-18 for first three weeks of March (Weeks 23-25);
  • Wednesday 16-17 for 11th February (week 20).
  • Other times may be out due to being co-opted to help with progress tests and domestic duties (details to be confirmed).
Any slot possible but slot between 9 and 3 more convenient.
Any time Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.
Will not be in Fri 23rd Jan, Mon-Weds 2nd-4th Feb, or Mon-Tues 16th-17th Feb.
Tuesday afternoon would be ideal for me.
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